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Range Movement is dedicated to providing intelligently designed training through multiple disciplines, to accommodate any skill level, and pursue individualized health and wellness goals.





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A functional workout that targets muscle tone and burns fat. Complete two progressive rounds of cardio and strength circuits. Leave feeling energized for whatever comes next! (All levels)

Let's build muscle MASS! Challenge yourself with weights, through strategic lift sequences, complimented by metabolic conditioning. Weight room junkies, this class is for you! (All levels)

The ultimate HIIT power hour! A perfect mix of cardio and strength to boost metabolism, burn calories, and build endurance.  (All levels)



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There is strength in stillness! A slow-paced series of asanas (yoga postures) and movements modified with dynamic movement followed by longer static holds. We utilize light weights and resistance equipment in this class to elevate movements and build strength. 
(All levels)

An energetic yoga flow to promote the awareness & connection of the mind & body. Unite your breath and movements to focus your consciousness. Experience balance, unbalance, comfort, discomfort, stillness, movement, flexibility, and tightness in a non-judgmental space for growth. (All levels)

The ultimate full-body and mind hug, to reset & decompress! A combination of dynamic movements and restorative yoga designed to recover the body, minimize stress, and relax the mind. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE!

A low-impact conditioning class inspired by a combination of ballet movements, isometric strength exercises, and yoga postures. This class is designed to tone muscles through a slow-burn effect created by small, but effective movements. (All levels)

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