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Range services are expanding to better target holistic health and wellness by providing comprehensive nutrition support by Registered Dietitians. 

Fuel by Range is a new line of nutrition services developed to support Range members in reaching nutrition, diet, and body composition goals. Through a mindful approach to view food as fuel, our dietitians will assess, educate, and counsel clients to establish healthy and sustainable habits to meet goals and FUEL their bodies with optimal foods for individual lifestyles. 

Meet The Nutrionists


Hannah is a Registered Dietitian, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Active Training Coach at Range. She received her Undergraduate’s and Master’s Degrees in Human Nutrition from The University of Alabama and has been a Registered Dietitian since 2014. Hannah has experience as a dietitian in both clinical and outpatient private practice settings and has been teaching individual and group fitness since she first starting coaching swim lessons in high school. Her favorite part about working in the health and wellness space is helping people to overcome their perceived physical limitations and live an accomplished life free of pain and full of adventure.


Sarah is a registered dietitian who received both her undergraduate and masters degrees from The University of Alabama in Food and Nutrition and Health Education and Promotion where she also completed her dietetic internship of 1300+ hours to become a registered dietitian.  She is also a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, having worked in the performance nutrition field for 10 years with a wide variety of athletes including high school, collegiate, professional, tactical and the general population.  Additionally, Sarah is certified in body composition measurements and analysis to help individuals find what weight and body composition helps them achieve optimal movement functionality and helps them reach their performance and wellness goals. Sarah loves using her knowledge in nutrition, body composition, performance, and wellness to assist individuals in optimizing their nutrition and health to meet their individual wellness goals and live a healthy, functional lifestyle.


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