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Parents, we want everyone to have the same chance to come experience Range Movement, which is why we offer childcare services. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a new mom, a working parent who wants exercise on the weekends or your kids are out of school for the summer, we’ve got you covered! Take comfort in knowing your kids will be nearby and safe so you can focus on yourself for an hour.


Our mini rangers will have a safe and fun environment for ages 12 weeks-10 years and we can accommodate up to 10 children per class. We provide a baby play yard for all infants as well as a school-age hangout corner for the “big kids.” Our childcare room is filled with age-appropriate toys and activities to keep everyone engaged and having fun. If your child has a specific toy or snack they would like to bring- that’s no problem at all. We have every parent disclose all allergies before their first visit so we can ensure snacks are safe for all children in the room.


Studio owners, Brooke and Meg, are both mothers who take childcare very seriously. Parents can trust they are leaving their children in a safe and positive environment. Please reach out if you have any questions when purchasing a childcare package. Spaces are limited so make sure to sign up ahead of time and schedule a tour before your first visit!

How to Get  Your Child Registered:

Wait to receive a confirmation email from us that your child's account has been set up. Then you are good to book their first visit through the app! 







  1. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the main "Book Now" tab in the app. 

  2. Then click the profile of the child you want to book in Mini Rangers

  3. The app will switch profiles, at this time click "Classes"

  4. You will now see available Mini Ranger classes to book for your child 

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